Certified Organic

Seven Days of Greens commits to only carry products from certified organic farms to make sure that you receive the full benefit and value of a premium quality farm produce.  Our family farm - God's Grace Farm is located in the province of Cebu.  God's Grace farm is one of the few NICERT certified organic farm in the Philippines and strictly adhere to world-class organic farming practice.  We don't just claim to be organic, we practice them and invested on having experts to evaluate and monitor us to make sure that we are doing the right thing. Organic farming is a belief and passion that we live everyday and commit to our customers and partners.


Variety of produce

Aside from making sure that you are getting the best produce mother nature can provide, part of our goal is to grow and make available a wide variety of organic vegetables and produce from different geographical origin.  From micro-greens to Aiko tomatoes...God's Grace Farm and Seven Days of Greens commits to raise the quality of food that we serve to our family both in nutrition and in the variety of taste and culinary experience.

Let things taste the way they are
— Alice Waters, Chef, Author and Owner of Chef Panisse

Farm to Table

Seven Days of Greens takes on the challenge of bringing fresh produce from the farm by using the best available logistics solution.  All produce are harvested, airfreighted and delivered to you in 24 hours or less.  We also harvest by demand, this assures you that all orders are customised and did not come from a shelf inventory.  We airfreight all produce a couple of hours after the harvest from Cebu to Manila, and we only use delivery partner that can offer same day delivery or we deliver it ourselves.

Our hope and satisfaction is that we all benefit and enjoy God's Grace provided to us with these vegetables and produce grown in the way that they should be.  

Nurtured by Nature. Cradled to your Table. 

To God be the Glory.

Seven Days of Soup

With our passion to make healthy living accessible to everyone,  We will soon make available authentic, traditional, healthy oriental soup.  The Seven Days of Soup concept will revive and make sure the continuity of heirloom oriental healthy soup recipe.

Watch out for the launch of Seven Days of Soup soon.